Why to choose SAP as a Career?

By Admin

10 February, 2023

Why to choose SAP as a Career?

One of the most common questions that I get from SAP aspirants nowadays.

Why I would choose SAP as my career option?

SAP is such a tool that would never saturate and indeed would rule the industry for many years from now. With the invention of S/4 HANA Enterprise Management Solution, the market of SAP is now running like a horse.

Learning SAP will provide you with a fantastic new skill set that is in demand. Learning SAP enhances your knowledge, credentials, expertise and going to open the door of tremendous opportunities across the globe.

Suddenly, the demand of SAP professionals had arisen since the last 1 year. Learning SAP from the right person (not place – as it is the person who teaches you, not the institution) will continue to give the dividend for the rest of your life.

You need to have the proper guidance from the correct person. SAP certification is being taken very casually especially in India. But the value of proper guided SAP training is very much crucial to launch yourself as a promising SAP Consultant in the market.

When trying to decide on a career path, it is always imperative to choose the right module based on your academics and/or domain expertise. Most IT graduates and professionals choose SAP for the lucrative salary package that it can offer. But beyond this, many other aspects are there.

SAP gives you a challenging and innovative work environment. It’s all about solving business problems ranging from simple to complex and more complex. As an SAP Consultant, you would have the opportunity to work and interact with various kind of organizations. You will have the opportunity to understand their business process and value chain to solve business problems and to provide the best solution.

SAP skills are always transferable. Working as a SAP Consultant, gradually you can move towards other domains where you can deploy your expertise and knowledge that you have gained working as a SAP Consultant. To name a few – Training, Re-engineering of business processes, Fine tuning and/or improving critical business areas etc.

SAP Consultants always gets awesome learning facilities around the clock. Starting career as a Functional Consultant, you can quickly gather technical know-how, or you can upskill yourself into another functional domain. SAP is an integrated ERP tool so while analyzing and working on your own module/domain, you can understand the link between cross-modules and hence can understand the reason behind this and gradually start developing proficiency in those areas.

SAP skilled professionals are in demand globally and logically they are one of the most sought after and highly paid professionals these days.

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