How an ideal SAP Training should be?

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12 January, 2023

How an ideal SAP Training should be?

Most of the SAP trainers make it wrong when it comes to the matter of SAP training delivery.

In my experience of delivering SAP training on various modules since he last more than 10 years,  I have interacted with so many trainers who follow the traditional approach of starting with an overview of SAP and related things and directly plunge into the technical part which is absolutely wrong.

I has also interacted with many beginners who are either having the training or already got a training from somewhere. In most of the cases, they are very much frustrated and upset with the quality of the training. .

The trainees are fresher or might be graduate hires or might be working professionals from various domains. So very naturally they rarely have some basic background or idea on SAP. The ground preparation and the approach is very much important accompanying with a strong industry standard curriculum.

The technical things should be explained in a layman language first in order to make them understand the concepts behind the screen. They should be in a position to understand what is that what are the challenges and most importantly – how to use them.

Nowadays various online and offline tools are there which helps to draw fantastic data flow diagrams and illustrations which could be used to make the training program more interesting, enjoyable, communicative, interactive and fun. It should not be boring.

We always say to have a solid business process knowledge to be a good and successful SAP Consultant. But, only having a good business process knowledge is not enough, you need to know the purpose, use and challenges of each area of your respective area of study.

In order to design a solution, along with the knowledge of business process these also go hand to hand. If you don’t know about the business challenges or the purpose of an object or entity within your module, that may price you a lot.

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