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Course Duration

5 Hours

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Mode of Training

In 15 Days

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Get Structured SAP BASIS Training Online

SAP is one of the most popular enterprise resource planning solutions on the planet. The SAP BASIS Training by Graphson Tech helps you grasp the fundamentals of SAP and kickstart your career progression effectively. Our SAP BASIS training program is available offline as well as online to give you valuable insights into core ERP processes. You will learn under the mentorship of experienced SAP professionals who will adopt a comprehensive handholding approach at all points. This course is suitable if you want to get into the world of SAP, learn the basics and present yourself as a reliable SAP professional to potential employers.

Program Overview

Skills you will learn after the course

Understand the functionality and architecture of R/3, Understand the installation and post installation activities, Configuring and administering different operation modes, Profile Management, Client Management, Controlling the access methods, Performance Tuning

Target Audience

Engineers, Business Managers, System Administrators, IT Professionals, Network Engineering Team Members, Support Desk Engineers


Basic Computer Knowledge and navigation skills

Job Opportunities

Technical Associate, Senior Technical Consultant, Technical Manager, System Architect

Minimum Eligibility

(Shall provide course wise)

Training Model

Role and Case Study Based Approach

Download the SAP BASIS Training Curriculum Now

Get a detailed overview of everything you will learn in SAP BASIS program by downloading the
comprehensive syllabus.

What You’ll Learn in This Course?

Preparatory Course
  • Overview of ERP
  • ERP and its background
  • Evolution of SAP
  • Overview of SAP
  • Different Versions of SAP
  • New dimensional components of SAP
  • Modules of Each SAP Component
Hardware & Software Introduction
  • Hardware Introduction
  • Architecture
  • Software Introduction
  • Languages and Software Development
  • Types of Database
  • In Depth discussion of Oracle Database and Architecture
SAP Net weaver Architecture
  • Net weaver Introduction
  • Components of Net weaver
  • Core Architecture
  • Application Servers, Central Instance, Dialog Instance
  • ABAP and Java Stacks
  • Message Servers and Dispatchers
  • WPs and the types
  • System Landscape
SAP Components
  • Core Component and Functionality
  • New dimensional components
  • Modules of SAP Components
  • Roles in SAP Application
  • Basic Introduction to ABAP and T-Codes
  • Basic Introduction to SAP Technical Workflow
  • Layers of SAP Application
  • Pre-Requisites for SAP Installation
  • Naming Convention, Software Kit & SAP Licensing
  • R/3 Directory Structure Kernel
  • DB Installation
  • Application Server Installation
  • Frond End Installation
  • Start and Stop SAP
  • Post Installation
  • Hosts and Services Files
  • Directory Structure of SAP
User Administration
  • Creating and Maintaining User Master Records
  • Security Architecture
  • Logon and Password Security, Protecting Special Users
  • Creating and Maintaining Single and Mass Users And User Groups
  • Copying Deleting Locking / Unlocking Users
  • Authorization Object Authorization Profile
  • Create / Maintaining Authorization/
  • Create / Maintaining Roles /Generating Profiles By Using PFCG
  • Creating Single And Composite Roles
  • Transporting and Distributing Roles
  • Inserting Missing Authorizations
Client Administration
  • Client Maintenance
  • Copy Client within R/3 System (Local)
  • Copy Client Between R/3 System (Remote)
  • Export/Import
  • Protecting Client
  • Monitoring and Verifying a Client Copy
  • Deleting Client
  • Tips and Troubleshooting
  • Introduction to CCMS
  • CCMS Monitors
  • Alert Monitors
  • Analyzing Alerts and Performance Tuning
Background Processing
  • Background Dialogs Concept
  • Defining Jobs
  • Analyzing Jobs
  • Maintenance Jobs
Distributed R/3 Systems
  • Creating Regular Instance
  • Creating Logon Groups for Load Balancing
Database Management
  • Operating Systems, Hardware Performance Consideration
  • Memory Management
  • R/3 Buffers, Page Buffer, Extended and Heap Memory, PRIV Mode
Transport Management System
  • TMS Terminology and Concepts
  • Configuring TMS & Checking Transport Directory
  • Configuring Transport Domain Controller & Group
  • Configuring Virtual SAP System & Displaying Configuration
  • Including SAP Systems in the Transport Domain
  • Creating Consolidation and Delivery Routes
  • Transport Directory vs Transport Domain
  • Change and Transport System
  • Customizing Request and Workbench Requests
  • Releasing Requests through Customizing/Workbench/Transport Organizer
  • Importing Change Requests
Spool Administration
  • Spool & Output Management
  • Local, Remote and Front End Printing
  • Spool Servers
  • Output Devices & Drivers
  • TEMSE Spool Reorganizers
OSS and SNOTE Concepts
  • Manually applying OSS Note on SAP Standard Program
  • Applying OSS Note with SNOTE
Patch Administration
  • Installing Add-Ons
  • Applying Patches
System Monitoring
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Tasks
SAP Service Marketplace
  • Introduction to SMP
  • Registering SCCR Keys
  • Downloading Software/Support Packages/Kernel

Post completion of the classroom/online sessions, you'll work on a Real-life Project based Case study on any of the selected Use cases. The case studies would be based on Real - Time business requirements related to Implementation/New Processes/Business process Re-Engineering.

Problem statement and Data sets might be provided. Based on that, you have to analyse, execute, build, test and deploy the solutions. The project would fundamentally be a SAP R/3 implementation project.

The scope of the project covers the business processes related to Marketing, Sales, Production and Finance Accounting and Management Accounting. So, modules Implemented in this project are SD, MM, PP, FI and CO. It would be a complete integrated project where students from each module would participate and carry out their respective tasks. Implementation Methodology: The process to be followed would be ASAP Methodology – The SAP recommended methodology for implementations of solutions. The entire project case study would give each and every one the Real Time flavour of Implementation projects.

You will understand how to work in a project independently from consulting point of view. You will get exposure of entire SAP project lifecycle and be prepared for your Real Time projects. We will walk through with each phase in detail.

1. Project Preparation – Documentation Work

2. Business Blue Print – Documentation Work

3. Realization – Configuration and Customizations (Baseline Configurations, Change Requests)

4. Final Preparations: Data migrations from legacy to SAP system

5. Go Live and Support: Handholding’s for SAP implementation, Resolving tickets

You need to study, analyze and understand the problem statements and business requirements given in the case study. You need
to deep dive into the respective different business processes and map them to SAP system. Configuration and Customization
tasks including related and dependency from other modules, if any has to be done within a team.

Tasks would be within your respective workstream. You are expected to prepare a business blueprint and also configuration documents
related to your work. Master Data sets has to be uploaded by related techniques which would also be a part of the entire project. The
project team need to submit their work as a presentation at the end of the project case study. Presentation sessions would be conducted
where discussions/cross questions would be organized.

Graphson Tech is the only institute across PAN India to conduct such kind of Project case study, complete evaluations and assessments.
These are integral part of our training program of every modules which are designed to pull the incumbents out of their comfort zones
and expose to the actual Real Time project environments.

Look what learners like you are saying about Graphson

I am a working professional with some experience in IT support area. I had no idea about SAP though had heard a lot about it. My present salary package was not up the mark so thought to change my current company. One of my close friends advised me to take an appointment and meet the career counsellor of Graphson as he is having a rich industry experience and guides young professionals a lot. So, I have decided to meet him once. That one meeting really changed my life. They very properly counselled me and advised me to go for SAP BASIS program. I must say they never ever given any pressure for enrolment. Though I was very much confused about whether I shall be capable enough to learn the course well enough, after some discussions with family and friends I got myself enrolled. I really liked their care during the initial classes as they started from the very basics of system architecture and then gradually proceeded to advanced level topics. The entire training method was so much helpful that any fresher candidates can understand. They make things simple to understand and interesting by quizzes and projects.

Kumar Aakash

The main big thing of Graphson training is they touches on basic concepts and get you started on the journey towards your respective module. I have interacted many students of them and all have admitted this thing. I am basic science graduate with no prior experience. But concepts were easy to grasp and a very helpful mentor along the way to let me understand when I was stuck. When you need them, they are there. My online sessions were amazing and sometimes I feel like I am into the physical classroom. The trainer and the mentor were very much friendly and helpful.


This program is great for self-motivated people who want to learn the in depth concepts and want to make a bright career in SAP. he videos are well organized and provide fair amount of information to complete the assignments and challenges. The only thing I felt tasking was the fee associated with this degree. I think it can be lowered a lot given the fact that students are mostly on their own with time management and assignment completion. Overall I would say, I am enjoying this learning journey and hope to complete it in the coming weeks.

Vikash Tripathy

The Graphson Advantage

Learn from an Industry-leading Team
  • Gain Practical Exposure via Hands-on Training
  • Gather Valuable Insights through Personalized Mentorship
  • Succeed as a Professional Through Career Counsellin
  • Get Complete Placement Assistance & Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Course Curriculum

Shall I expect any certification at the end of the course?

Yes. You will be given a certificate by Graphson Tech at the successful completion of the course and the assignments. You can add the certificate to your professional credentials in your resume and on LinkedIn profile.

Is the given certificate valid all over India?

Yes. The certificate by Graphson Tech can be used to showcase your credentials in any organization around the country.

Who will be my trainer?

You will be trained by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. He has more than xxx years of experience as a successful SAP consultant. Having worked with organizations across the globe, he will guide you through the right strategies and workflows to kickstart your SAP MM journey.

Course Duration

Do you provide any time commitment for this course?

The complete course would be wrapped up within xx-xx months/weeks. You will be required to attend xx classes on a weekly/daily basis after enrolling for the course.

Do you provide any class extension in case of emergencies?

Though we recommend taking this as per the schedule, but in case of personal or medical emergencies, we do have a provision to offers special extensions. You will have to talk to Graphson class coordinator or your mentor for the same. However, the option to approve the extension will be at the sole discretion of Graphson Tech management.

Do you provide any special class for non-domain students?

Yes. We offer several special sessions for students from non-programming background. Also, we have regular sessions for soft skill development, interview preparation, etc. apart from classes to cover the general curriculum of the course.

Can I enrol and attend this program online? If yes, what would be the format for online course delivery?

Yes, we at Graphson also conduct online sessions for all the programs. You will be given login credentials for the platform which you can access to attend all the classes as per the schedule of the program.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

What is the eligibility criterion for SAP MM course?

The SAP MM program is suitable for university graduates having BA, B.Com., BBA, B.Sc., B. Tech, M. Tech or MBA degrees. You don’t need to have programming knowledge, but basic knowledge of computers would be beneficial.

What are the decision factors to choose this course?

If you want to accelerate your growth trajectory as a professional, then you should enrol in SAP MM course. If you have a passion for material management segment and want a rewarding career as an SAP consultant in an MNC, you should think of enrolling in this program.

Which working professionals are suitable for this course?

There is no bar or limitation on who can enrol or become successful after completion of this course. If you are in an entry level or mid-managerial level position working in any industry and want to grow as a professional, you should think of enrolling in SAP MM program.

I am not from any ERP domain. Can I take this course?

Yes. The program is designed in a way that allows professionals from non-technical or non-ERP background to grasp the concepts easily. Further, we conduct special orientation classes to help you gain fundamental knowledge of concepts.

I am from Retail/Banking/Pharma/Manufacturing domain. Can I take this course?

Yes. You can take this course as long as you have a long-term vision to work in the industry as an SAP consultant.

Career Prospect

What is the career prospect of this course?

After completion of the SAP MM program, you can successfully launch yourself to the rewarding world of SAP as a consultant. SAP skills are in great demand nowadays as more and more companies shift to ERP-style operations.

What kind of job can I expect after completion of this course?

After successful completion of SAP MM program, you can apply for the following job roles:
o Project Manager
o SAP Procurement Specialist
o SAP Trainer
o Team Leader
o Materials Manager
o Purchase Executive
o SAP MM Functional Consultant

How much package can I expect after completion of this course?

The package depends on several factors including your interpersonal skills, interview feedback and communication skills apart from technical skills. However, as a fresher, you can easily grab a package of around INR 3-3.5L /annum once you complete this program.


I have already done this course but did not got any job. Do you provide any job assistance for outsiders?

That’s sad. We have special classes and sessions for professionals looking for proper career guidance, counselling and mentorship. Please write to us at enquiry@graphsontech.com with details about your situation and we will be happy to assist.

I have done this course from another institute. Can I avail any brush up/special classes on demand?

Graphson Tech offers the provision of special bump classes and online classes that you can attend as per your convenience. Please contact us for the next batch of on-demand refresher SAP MM classes.

Can I take only the service of simulated project from Graphson?

We don’t recommend this as you would face difficulties in adapting to Graphson culture directly but depending on your case, it can be arranged on special request. Please email your credentials and requirements to enquiry@graphsontech.com and we will get back to you.

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